Have you ever been confused about the conceptualization of batch size and epoch in neural network? Believe me, most enthusiasts often suffer a lot to know the difference between these ideas, and I didn’t even realize it.

This article will discuss the concept of batch size and epoch and highlight the key points through visual representation.

What will you know after reading this article?

  • What is a batch?
  • What is an epoch?
  • What is the difference between batch and epoch?

What is a batch size?

Batch size is the number of samples that usually pass through the neural network at one time. …

I love to work with Natural Language Processing (NLP); unfortunately, I had to introduce the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) while writing my research paper on Bangla Fake news detection. I then saw some research papers that got a lot of good accuracies using the CNN by surpassing the Long short-term memory (LSTM). Anyone working with LSTM knows how beautiful LSTM is when it comes to textual data. I tried to understand CNN’s theory instead of implementing it. It was a wise decision for me that I am feeling now because without knowing the details about something is a little difficult…

So many unimaginable things are happening in the age of advance computational that no one ever thought. Although modern computational provides numerous of oppurtunity and make researcher life easier, some maltreatment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being appeared as well which is extremely dangerous in the context of our society. This article will discuss some of the harmful aspects of AI and background exploration.

Image source:https://www.hrtechnologist.com/articles/digital-transformation/deepfakes-at-work-safeguarding-your-workplace-battling-the-threat/

Artificial intelligence (AI) advances have allowed a rapid proliferation of profound fakes that are remarkably plausible, increasingly difficult to detect and relatively easy to manufacture.

Technology that did not have existence some years ago, especially in…

Have you ever got confused while reading a scientific manuscript? I got into trouble for the first time when I was trying to read a research paper. I can still remember the day when I had been given a task to read numerous paper and summarize the context was quite challenging!!

What I am writing is to explain what method you will practice when reading a scientific manuscript. After reading this article, you will know an effective approach that will have been extraordinary while reviewing a research paper.

source: https://www.thedailystar.net/shout/news/how-read-research-paper-1801756

Before reading, I would say that please have a look at my…

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/OgvqXGL7XO4

Another popular method of clustering is hierarchical clustering. I have seen in K-minus clustering that the number of clusters needs to be stated. Hierarchical clustering does not require that. Hierarchical clustering What comes before our eyes is that some long lines are forming groups among themselves. In hierarchical clustering, such a graph is called a dendrogram. We will know a little later what this dendrogram is.

This article will be discussed the pipeline of Hierarchical clustering. Let’s get started….

Everyone knows one thing is that in order to work in machine learning, the amount of dataset required to be more but have you ever asked yourself if there is a problem if the number of features in the dataset becomes more? To put it more simply, this redundant feature makes it very difficult to extract insights from datasets from exploratory data analysis. And at the same time, such datasets use a lot of competitive resources.

This article will be discussed about Principle Component Analysis and Dimension Reduction which will be especially helpful when working with large datasets in machine…

When working with Machine Learning (ML), feature selection is one of the most essential tasks. If you do not have proper conception regarding the feature selection of ML, you could have various difficulties. Even though several kinds of feature selection technique can be found, however, the Pearson correlation coefficient is reliable, which I am going to explain in this article. This article will review the feature selection method of ML and hands-on practical implementation.

A few words before the beginning

As this article is precisely advanced, it would be great if you learn basic statistics and ML as well. Statistics…

There is no doubt whether Data Science is a vast power of technology. In order to work with Data Science, one should be familiar with lifecycles and other things while problems can arise in many cases if there is no basic idea. “Data Scientist” is the hottest profession of 2019 according to job-listing data. According to the Harvard Business Review, the position of data scientist was defined in 2012 as, “The sexiest job of the 21st Century”. What I am trying to write is the Lifecycle and Principles Concept of Data Science.

In this article, you will know:

  • The Lifecycle…

Having been advanced technology, we got revolutionary changes in the field of computer science. Numerous studies have been conducted for the past decade on artificial intelligence in the field of computer science. However, since the machine does not recognize natural language, so we require to transform it into machine-readable languages. Word embedding is a type of text presentation that helps us find any similar word pattern and makes it suitable for machine learning. Although various word embedding model can be found, we will discuss word2vec model which developed by Google and I love everything about Google. …

When you would think regarding Natural Language Processing (NLP), numerous questions probably will have come up in your mind, to illustrate, how to get started, or what are the steps behind the NLP. Although I have read plethoras of articles, I have had a hard time understanding the steps behind it, and so I have tried to write something in this article to highlight the fundamental conception of NLP. In this article, you will know the steps behind the Natural Language Processing and how to transform text data into numerical representation using NLP based algorithm.

So, Let’s get started………………………………………


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Applied Machine Learning Researcher | Software Engineer

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